How to choose a kitchen table

In the kitchen, they not only prepare food, but also arrange family dinners and receptions. Therefore, the dining table for the kitchen must be chosen wisely: the general style of the entire room depends on it. “Wrong” furniture will look ugly and may even spoil your appetite. In addition to aesthetic, there is also physical sensation: the product can be trivial uncomfortable. We can say with confidence that just coming to the store and buying furniture will be the wrong decision. In this article, we will tell you how to choose a kitchen table, which should be considered when buying a kitchen table.

How to make a choice

There are several criteria by which to determine the size of the table, its shape and style. These criteria include:

kitchen area;
interior and overall design;
kitchen set material;
color of individual elements of the interior;
estimated number of people at the table.


The materials used for manufacturing are completely different, the following dining tables are the most popular.
1) From laminated particleboard.
They are inexpensive and have the widest range of colors. In fact, this is a regular table made of chipboard, glued with a special laminated film during the production process.
2) From MDF.
Such products are much stronger than chipboard furniture. They are often decorated with various mosaics and patterns, and therefore look pretty stylish.
3) With artificial stone.
In addition to originality, beauty and durability, the advantages of this furniture include resistance to any external influences.
4) Glass.
Stylish, beautiful and elegant products. Available in eco-leather countertops. They add originality and grace.
5) From solid wood.
A rare, but eco-friendly and unusual option. The furniture will last a long time: it is not afraid of either moisture or external influences. An array table will cost quite expensive, but this is more than offset by the beauty and aristocracy of such furniture.
6) With tiles.
Such products are practically immune to external influences. The material allows you to choose any shade for any style.
with mosaic. The mosaic-finished tabletop brings comfort and warmth to the home. On sale there are monophonic options and, on the contrary, bright multi-colored copies. In the end, the mosaic is stylish and original.


It's no secret that in any room the furniture should be located harmoniously. This rule also applies to the kitchen table. The following styles of kitchen design are most popular.
Classical. Simple wooden furniture with a peculiar grace.
High tech. Metal, plastic, glass. The style uses straight lines and angles and tends to predominate in white and gray shades.
Modern. Natural ornate lines. The peculiarity of this style is that it strives to be completely original.
Eco style. Visually rude and ascetic work. Furniture of this style is made from materials of natural origin.

Kitchen Table Tips

First estimate the overall dimensions of the product. Furniture should correspond to the area of ​​the kitchen and meet the needs of all households. A rather rectangular table, which the owners of the apartment will have to go around, will look pretty ugly in a small kitchenette. Therefore, for small rooms, a compact transformer is usually purchased, and for large rooms a dining table for several people will be appropriate. Next, think about the location: will the furniture be placed close to the wall, if so, which side. The distance between the object and the wall should be enough for a convenient passage. When choosing a round kitchen table, be sure to pay attention to its diameter. The ideal option is no more than one and a half meters, otherwise it will be inconvenient, because in order to reach the dish, guests will have to stand up. Similar calculations are carried out for tables of a different form. The appearance of the product is selected based on the needs of the owners. If there are more than 4 people at the table, then the rectangular option is suitable, if less - the square one. At round tables usually can accommodate no more than 8 people, at oval, respectively, more. It is worth paying attention to round tables if there are children in the family: such products are much safer. Countertops on one leg instead of four are gaining popularity. More people can be seated for them, and such furniture looks quite stylish and interesting.
When choosing material, consider
Solid wood products are the most durable, durable, moisture resistant and truly beautiful. They do not require special care, but furniture made of such material is rather heavy.
Particleboard tables are short-lived, but cheap. Alternatively, you can purchase laminated furniture, since it almost does not allow water to pass through.
Glass products are light, unusual and beautiful in their own way. True, they need to be washed and cleaned regularly. Pay attention to the thickness of the glass and its tempering, also make sure that the furniture does not let moisture in, because if water gets inside, it will be impossible to remove it from there. 


Square table

The square table represents rigor, simplicity and functionality. It is not suitable for gatherings with friends, parties or dinner parties, since only two can fit in it. Actually, a square table is usually acquired by couples. To save space, this piece of furniture can be moved to the wall, so it fits perfectly into a small kitchen.

Triangular table

The triangular table is almost never used as the main dining room, usually acting only as an additional element of decor. A triangular coffee table perfectly complements the decoration of a spacious kitchen.

Round dining table

A round dining table unites those sitting in a smooth line, as if equalizing them in rights. The support is one large leg or several small ones. The advantage of such furniture is that it does not cause unpleasant associations with work or study (office desk, school desk). There is a significant minus: the product cannot be placed close to the wall, which is not always convenient for the owners of the kitchen.